Classic Radhey Sweets

Since it’s been a year of missed celebrations, we’re back to help you share sweet moments with family and friends, even when apart!

Orange Basket

Contains :- Mewa Bite - 24 pcs, Roasted Cashews - 200 gms, Roasted Almonds - 200 gms, Kaju Dalmoth - 200 gms, Pudina Dalmoth -200 gms, Umbrella - 1 pc

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Rose Basket

Contains :- Kaju Dalmoth - 200 gms, Pudina Dalmoth - 200 gms, Mewa Bites - 24 pcs, Roasted Almonds - 200 gms, Roasted Cashews - 200 gms, Umbrella - 1pc.

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Responsible Indulgence

As delicious as our products may be, we encourage all our customers to indulge responsibly and in moderation, for the benefit of your well-being.






The Daily Delish

Classic Sweets is one of the oldest sweet shops in Lucknow. They serve a wide range of mouthwatering sweets. My personal favourites are Motichoor Laddu and Gulab Jamun.

The Hungry Indian Soul

A renowned sweet shop serving the people of lucknow premium quality sweets. The reputation they have gained because of their fresh sweets and savouries is unmatchable.

Akshat Jaiswal

Beautiful ambiance. Lovely aroma. The service is impeccable. The quality of food is beyond imagination. The gentry all around the day is classy.

Shreya Gupta

To say classic sweets serves the best sweets in the lucknow so far, I have tasted sweets from all brands all over lucknow, but classic is unique in its kind.

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